Animator reveals Ubisoft wanted to sue Monolith Productions for plagiarism in Shadow Of Mordor

Ubisoft wanted to sue Monolith

According to Jonathan Cooper, patenting the Nemesis system looks “cheeky” from the outside.

The fact that Ubisoft at one time was going to sue Warner Bros, said animator Jonathan Cooper, commenting on the news of the registration of the WB patent for the Nemesis system.

According to him, the patent for the Nemesis system looks like from Warner Bros. rather cheeky, considering that the developers of Shadow of Mordor copied some elements themselves – for example, some of the interface elements and the movement system from Assassin’s Creed, on which Cooper also worked.

Apparently, this did not suit the management of Ubisoft, and after the announcement of SoM, the French company began to prepare a lawsuit against WB – with comparative screenshots of both games. Ultimately, Ubisoft was dissuaded from the lawsuit, as such a trial could put the publisher in a bad light.

According to Cooper, trying to claim designs and systems that other developers would have come up with would look despicable on the part of Ubisoft in the public eye. The animator believes that such a precedent in game development has only hindered innovation.

Cooper learned from a Monolith animator that the developers of Shadow of Mordor did reverse engineer the Assassin’s Creed animation system. Cooper added that it is standard practice in game development for developers to resort to pre-built methods instead of reinventing the wheel.

Shadow of Mordor from Monolith Productions was released in September 2014 and received high praise from critics, as well as various awards at exhibitions. In addition to the innovative Nemesis system, the game featured a simplified Assassin’s Creed-inspired parkour system, as well as a combat system reminiscent of the “free flow” of Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham series.

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