And 2 million copies sold for V Rising in one month

No wonder EFS reserves are low

We kinda expected it: Eurogamer reports that action-RPG vampiric V Rising just exceed 2 million sales on Steamexactly one month after the release of the title in early access.

Obviously, Stunlock Studiosfor whom the success of the game is a real shock, says he is delighted with the news.

We at Stunlock are very proud of the incredible start V Rising has had since launching in Early Access. Our goal is to make the best vampire game possible and that’s a clear indicator that we’re on the right track. We will strive to reward our players with a revolutionary new survival experience and satisfy all that bloodlust.

With just the power of word-of-mouth, V Rising managed to reach its first million copies sold within a week of marketing. Technically, sales have slowed since, but the success remains colossal for the niche market that Stunlock Studios is targeting, which is reminiscent of the story of a certain Valheim and its 10 million sales in one year.

In this rapid leaning on vampire survival craftingwe can understand why the title is so popular: the context is originalit is possible to create his vampiric empire with friendscreate rivalries withother playersand if the content is a bit limited at the end of the game, the level of finish is exemplary enough for the launch of a title in early access.

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