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A year ago, insider Jon Prosser published renderings of the flat Apple Watch. All the media republished them, claiming that these were the future Series 7. We somehow missed those renders, but all the following summer we used these Prosser renders, calling them the Apple Watch Series 7.

As a result, the watches of the seventh series turned out to be practically the same watches that were before. In a Series 7 review, I wrote the following:

This year, we expected the Apple Watch to come out in a square design. Frankly, it seems to me that this could happen, but production could not be established for one reason or another.

The current design, according to my theory, was a kind of back-up plan, which, unfortunately, had to be used. As a result, we see exactly the clock that we see.

Next year, Apple may return to the square design by ramping up production. And maybe change the already merged appearance.

Ilya Kichaev author who likes to quote himself

But it turned out that Prosser said that this watch could be either Series 7 or Series 8. Here article on MacRumors a year agoyou can read.

And now flat design is back. On ShrimpApplePro’s Twitter account 🍤 published following message:

Today I learned from a source that there is a flat front glass display for the Apple Watch. It is highly likely that this is the front glass of the Apple Watch Series 8. So far, I have not heard anything about the redesign of the case, as well as which model we are talking about.

ShrimpApplePro 🍤

Attached to this tweet is this image:

And here we are back to the renders posted by Prosser:

Apple Watch Series 7 concept. Source: Jon Prosser × Renders by Ian

In general, something reminds, right? Probably, this year we will finally wait for the updated watch design. I would like, of course, round, but these are also good.

Apple is expected to introduce three new models at once in the fall: a new generation of Apple Watch SE, a sports watch for “hardcore athletes” that Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman called similar to the G-Shock, and the Series 8.

The exact date of the presentation and the price of the new watch are unknown. It is also impossible to confirm or deny the veracity of the rumors. However, ShrimpApplePro 🍤 has been sharing truthful information for a couple of years now.