AMD stops working in Russia and Belarus

One of the largest processor manufacturers has suspended deliveries to Russia and Belarus.

Due to the tense situation between Russia and Ukraine, AMD stops supplying chips to Russia. The decision was made in connection with US restrictions on the supply of technological equipment to Russia and Ukraine.

It is noteworthy that the ban only applies to dual-use technologies or those that can be used for military purposes. AMD Ryzen processors are not among them and could be freely sold further. However, the company’s decision was radical and AMD decided to stop sales completely.

Almost at the same time, Intel made a similar decision. Like AMD, Intel had the right to continue selling custom Intel Core processors, but didn’t want to.

The Russian technology sector is undergoing major changes. Earlier, we talked in more detail about Intel’s exit from the Russian market and, even worse, about the termination of work with TSMC, the largest supplier of semiconductors.

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