Amazfit Neo: the most beautiful vintage smartwatch there is!

Amazfit Neo

Amazfit Neo is an incredibly innovative product, but capable of squinting at the past and bringing it back in an intelligent way. Let’s find out in our full review.

UPDATE November 25, 2021: On the occasion of Black Friday 2021, Amazfit discounts this product at € 22.43.

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Design: from the golden years to today!

On an aesthetic level, the vintage look appears immediately recognizable. The lines are those of a classic digital watch from twenty years ago, as is the design of the LCD display divided into two zones. The square lines make it timeless and give that touch of “old-gen” style that is so fashionable these days.

The physical buttons are essential, both aesthetically and functionally, considering that the display is not touch and requires physical controls to be managed.

Screen: it is always on, it is monochrome

The display is always-on, and we didn’t expect anything different given its “LCD” soul. Characters are always visible, even in direct sunlight, and the 1.2 ″ diagonal of the display offers space to consult the time, date and other smart parameters such as steps, heart rate and notifications.

Hardware: yes, there is a real heart sensor in this Amazfit Neo

Amazfit Neo Cardio

Inside this Amazfit Neo we find a sensor for recognizing the heartbeat – the BioTracker PPG3 – quite accurate even when connected to more expensive and professional heart rate monitors. This sensor monitors heart rate continuously throughout the day and also sends alerts to sudden changes in heart rate.

Water resistance up to 5ATM is also guaranteed, a perfect feature for those who want to use it everywhere, even in the pool and at the sea.

The pedometer works well and gives you an accurate estimate of your steps and calories burned. Too bad there is no GPS for outdoor training given the resistant and waterproof soul of this Amazfit Neo, as well as a real section dedicated to monitoring workouts.

Connectivity: the bare minimum to be connected

Connectivity is only of the Bluetooth 5 BLE type with low energy consumption but it is what is needed to use it at its best with the paired smartphone.

Complete software, pixel by pixel!

Amazfit Neo wrist

Software as essential as it is complete with all the categories and most useful features. From sleep tracking, with rest information, to heart rate and activity tracking, this smartwatch offers a wealth of data available in the Zepp app for your smartphone. The data that can be consulted on the wrist, on the other hand, are essential but perfect for a quick reading on the vintage display, pixel by pixel.

Pleasant all the “apps” present, as well as the notification functionality and the “smart” information available on the dial.

Audio: BIP, BIP, BIP

It is not a call audio but it is a valid notification audio. A powerful, high-pitched “beep” that’s impossible not to hear and perfect for alerts, notifications and alarms.

Battery: with Amazfit Neo we arrive at the end of the month

The battery is 160mAh but thanks to the retro display and the low energy consumption connectivity, it is possible to use this Amazfit Neo for a whole month with a single charge.

Price and conclusions: Amazfit Neo is the absolute best-buy!

heart sensors

There is very little to say: it is such a particular product that it must be purchased, regardless of the technical specifications. If we then add that it performs many tasks and also performs them well and for a price not exceeding € 35 then the definition “best buy” starts to look good on him. Better or worse than the smartband from the same manufacturer? They are different products, for a different audience.

Buy Amazfit Neo

Amazfit Neo is a complete product, with a very pleasant design and essential but precise and absolutely indispensable functions. Cardiac monitoring, pedometer and sleep monitoring, combined with a one-month battery life make it a real best buy.

  • Design


  • Display


  • Hardware


  • Connectivity


  • Software


  • Audio


  • Battery


  • Quality price



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