Amanita Design announces Phonopolis, a hand-built diorama adventure game – News

With his somewhat awkward air and his big yellow coat, our avatar is called Félix. Because no other citizen of his city realizes it, it is on him that the responsibility falls to stop the authoritarian march of a leader in search of absolute power. Although set in a fictional and dystopian universe, Phonopolis promises to be an adventure game with more realistic themes than previous Amanita Design titles. It must be said that a new internal team, led by three artists and animators, is in charge of the project.

A new vision that fits with the unique direction taken by this title, the studio’s first in 3D. The method is surprising: the sets are actually dioramas made from corrugated cardboard. “The textures are painted, then cut to be digitized and replaced on their respective 3D model“, explains Oto Dostál, one of the technical artists overseeing the creative direction of Phonopolis.

A process that promises to be quite long, which explains why the studio has not yet communicated a release horizon. A studio spokesperson confirmed to the site polygon that it would not be ready in the next twelve months minimum. Advertised for multiple platforms, Phonopolis is currently only confirmed on PC via its file Steam.