Also “gray”, but twice as expensive: “Svyaznoy” launched a parallel import of the iPhone

One of the largest Russian retailers Svyaznoy was the first to start selling gadgets, imported into the country through parallel imports. The new prices for the iPhone turned out to be much higher than expected.

Already now on the retailer’s website you can buy a 128 GB iPhone 13 Pro Max for 154,990 rubles. Apple smartphones presented in stores are intended for the US and Japanese markets, so the importer himself, and not the manufacturer, will fulfill the warranty obligations.

For comparison in the same iPhone model will cost only 88,000 rubles, which is almost half the price, while all devices also have a warranty from the store.

Svyaznoy said that prices for devices imported through parallel imports will be 10-20% higher than in February.

It is worth noting that Svyaznoy will also start selling Samsung smartphones and watches, as well as PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo consoles.

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