All 9 Rockstar Games subsidiaries and what they do

Rockstar Games is one of the most famous and important companies in the gaming industry, giving us the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption series. In addition to these world-famous franchises, Rockstar also released Bully and The Warriors. With the expanded scale of games, support for network components (GTA Online and Red Dead Online) and the development of new IPs, Rockstar Games has grown over the years to a few large teams in charge of their respective destinations. In this article let’s learn about all the Rockstar Games subsidiaries and what exactly they do.

Yes, Rockstar Games is not just one studio in one place, but a team scattered across several regions. Maybe? you’ve heard about the main developers of GTA – Rockstar North, but the Rockstar network is much wider. Some of them are engaged in flagship projects, others provide support. Some have been around for years, others were formed relatively recently, after parent company Take-Two bought out third-party studios and included them in the Rockstar family.

Today let’s count how many studios Rockstar Games has and what they do.

All 9 Rockstar Games Subsidiaries

  • Rockstar North
  • Rockstar San Diego
  • Rockstar Toronto
  • Rockstar Dundee
  • Rockstar Leeds
  • Rockstar Lincoln
  • Rockstar India
  • Rockstar New England
  • Rockstar International/Rockstar London

1. Rockstar North

Rockstar Games subsidiaries

The most famous studio among all Rockstar Games subsidiaries. Before it was bought, the studio was called DMA Design Limited and worked on the Menance and Blood Money games, but it has since made a name for itself as the main developer of the GTA series.

In addition to GTA, the studio’s developers also worked on the Manhunt series, which gained popularity despite criticism from the mainstream. However, for over a decade, this Rockstar Games subsidiary has been exclusively involved with Grand Theft Auto and creating content for GTA Online. 

2. Rockstar San Diego

All Rockstar Games subsidiaries

Rockstar’s second-best-known team, Angel Studios, was bought by Take-Two Interactive in 2002. Prior to that, the team was involved in the Smuggler’s Run series, published by Rockstar. After that, the studio worked on the Midnight Club series and developed Max Payne 3 (in conjunction with a closed studio in Vancouver).

The studio is best known for the Red Dead Redemption series, which includes the predecessor Red Dead Revolver. In addition to the development of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar San Diego has a dedicated team working exclusively on the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (RAGE), which has been at the heart of Rockstar games since 2008.

The studio also dealt with the canceled Agent, and recently the publisher gave up the trademark.

3. Rockstar Toronto

rockstar toronto

It is the oldest studio among all other Rockstar Games subsidiaries. Before it was bought, it was named Imageexcel and Alternative Reality Technologies; after the purchase of Take-Two Interactive, it was renamed Rockstar Canada and then Toronto. Basically, the studio specializes in porting existing games to the PC.

She worked on GTA 4, its add-ons and GTA V. In addition, Rockstar Toronto helped in the development of GTA V.

Fans may remember this team from The Warriors, based on the movie of the same name. It became a hit in 2005 and fans have repeatedly asked for a remake. The team had plans for a spiritual successor, with events in London in the 60s, but the development was canceled.

4. Rockstar Dundee

This studio was formerly known as Ruffian Games, and it dealt with Crackdown 2 and 3. While in the Xbox camp, she worked on games for the Kinect and Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It is currently unknown what the studio is doing within Rockstar. The purchase was originally announced in 2019 and closed in 2020.

Given the open-world gaming experience, the team may be helping with the development of key Rockstar franchises.

5. Rockstar Leeds

Rockstar Games studios

The team is based in Leeds, England and was formerly known as Mobius Entertainment Limited. The studio has been involved in the spin-off series of GTA Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories and Chinatown Wars. She is best known for porting the original Max Payne to the Game Boy.

In recent years, the studio has switched more towards supporting other teams, helping with GTA V and RDR 2.

6. Rockstar Lincoln

all rockstar games studios

This team stands out from the rest as its main mission is to help major studios test and polish their games. In the past, she was named Spidersoft Limited and Tarantula Studios, working on a number of pinball games and Austin Powers. Lincoln found itself at the center of the Rockstar Games’ crunch culture hype in 2018.

The staff reported that the QA tester job was the most demanding of all Rockstar studios.

7. Rockstar India

rockstar india

Rockstar India now has 500 members, and its main project was Red Dead Redemption 2. Prior to the formation of the studio, Rockstar Games worked with Technicolor India, which even formed a separate division to help with the company’s games. In 2019, Rockstar bought the Bangalore-based Dhruva Interactive team and merged it with Rockstar India. 

It is not known what the studio is doing now – maybe it continues to act as an assistant, or maybe it does something of its own.

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8. Rockstar New England

rockstar new england

This studio started with Mad Doc Software, helping with the development of Star Trek: Armada and becoming the main developer of the sequel. Before it was bought by Rockstar, the studio worked on a remaster of Bully, after which it became part of the general lineup.

Since then, the team’s primary role has been to support other teams in preparation for the launch of Rockstar’s biggest games.

9. Rockstar International/Rockstar London

Rockstar Games subsidiaries

Rockstar International is the publishing arm of Rockstar Games based in London. It does not develop but acts as a publisher for the overall brand. The same building houses the Rockstar London team – which helped with the development of Max Payne 3 and worked on Manhunt 2. 

Rockstar also had studios in Vienna and Vancouver, but both were closed.

If we talk about the currently active projects, then Rockstar Games has not yet announced new games. There were no details in the financial report either. Since such a large “park” of teams cannot stand idle, there is no doubt that the development of GTA VI and one or two more titles is underway. According to rumors, the announcement of GTA VI will take place in 2022, and release a year later.

Until then, the phenomenal sales of GTA V are successfully feeding this large family of Rockstar Games.  

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