Albion Online – Albion Online Major ‘Into Battle’ Update Going Live June 8th

The Sandbox Interactive studio continues its policy of adjusting the content of Albion Online to boost the gameplay of the MMORPG. The next major update, Into the Fraywill be deployed on June 8.

For several months now, the Berlin studio Interactive Sandbox makes numerous adjustments to the mechanisms ofAlbion Online – sometimes to encourage players to venture further into the game world, sometimes to make the gameplay more accessible to new players or to boost certain community interactions. The next major MMORPG update, Into the Fray (translated “Dans la Bataille”) is a continuation of these alterations.

Bulk, the update integrates for example a magic staves revamp (this type of equipment benefits from new animations and new spells), a new crystal arena which is part of a non-lethal Crystal League so that new players are more likely to fight there to develop their skills without fear of costly penalties, or the addition of ” portal cities which make it easier to move around the Outlands of the game world (areas are safe for new players, easier for veterans to get around, and relieve congestion in the royal cities for those who only passed through them).

We also retain a revamped castles and outposts : they benefit from graphical improvements, a better layout to energize the fights that take place there, better defenses for the owners of the places and the addition of Castle Chests which appear frequently each day to encourage large-scale fights scale all week. Always in this spirit of energizing the game universe, the developer promises daily events in the game, which will allow you to obtain bonuses by participating in various activities all over the world of Albion (obviously both PvE and PvP) that players can easily follow to be able to participate easily…

The update is therefore expected this June 8 on the live servers of Albion Online. Until then, its content is detailed on the official website, at this address.