AirTags are driving car theft in Canada

AirTags are driving car theft in Canada

According to Canadian police, AirTags are used by thieves for targeted auto theft across Canada.

York Police Canada he identified a new method used by thieves for track down and steal high-end vehicles, all taking advantage of the localization capabilities of AirTag. With the Apple device, the thieves are able to follow the car to the victim’s residence, and then steal it at night directly in the driveway.

Since September 2021, there have been five cases of cars stolen using this method in York alone. Thieves target the more expensive vehicles they spot in public places or parking lots. At that point, place an AirTag in an invisible position, such as in the towbar or in the fuel cap, in the hope that it will not be discovered by the car owner.

Thieves have no way to disable Apple’s anti-tracking feature, which we remember alerts users when an AirTag nearby and not belonging to them has been following them for a certain period of time. The problem is, not all people care about the notification or have an iPhone.

Although only five thefts have so far been directly linked to AirTagsā€Œ, it is likely that the phenomenon is much wider and can also be linked to the increase in thefts across Canada, especially in recent months.

Police are suggesting car owners to inspect their vehicle for trackers and pay much more attention to any notifications received from an unknown AirTag.