After Microsoft’s XGP Bug price subscription was canceled on a large scale, some users contacted customer service to restore it, and some people got 1-month free membership

IT House June 17 news, according to feedback from many netizens, the three-year Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription members previously purchased at a bug price of 100 yuan are now being unsubscribed by Microsoft on a large scale.

Microsoft email notification that you are being contacted about your current Xbox Game Pass subscription,It was discovered that your subscription was obtained by illegal means and therefore violated the Microsoft Services Agreement, and your subscription has been cancelled for that reason.

Now, according to some netizens, after negotiating with Microsoft customer service, the previous Xbox Game Pass subscription has been restored, and although some users have shown that their XGP subscription has been cancelled, Microsoft still compensates for a one-month free XGPU subscription.

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