“After downloading, you only get the main menu” – Titanfall 1 is now practically a dead game with non-working servers for the PC version

titanfall servers problems

Many users point out that EA is, in fact, selling a faulty game, since there is nothing besides multiplayer in it.

The original Titanfall was released in 2014 on Xbox and PC and was released on Steam six years later in November 2020. Even during the release of the shooter in the Valve store, it was greeted with negative reviews – largely due to a heap of technical flaws and problems with servers.

The first Titanfall is exclusively multiplayer, so there is simply nothing to do with unstable servers in the game.

In January 2021, messages from players who complained about connection problems began to appear on the Titanfall subreddit. However, this time around, the Titanfall community openly stated that EA and Respawn abandoned the game in a malfunctioning state without solving its problems. Some users have speculated that the original Titanfall’s servers are down, however, EA and Respawn have not officially announced this.

The main subreddit also has a warning about non-working servers, but new players still come to Reddit asking why their game is not working and when the developers will solve the problems.

Titanfall had “very negative reviews” on Steam due to the non-working servers – the most negative reviews were at the end of May. At the moment, Titanfall has only 40% positive reviews, but the game’s rating continues to fall.

In the reviews, Steam users write that the publisher and developers are selling a non-working game.

Why the hell is this game still on sale, if the servers are not working (closed), and there is no single mode even with bots, the game is dead, but it is for sale.


No servers were found, and if it does, it will show the error “Too many Proxies for Datatable DT_BasePlayer”. It is impossible to play even the campaign. Maybe the Steam team should remove the game from the store?


It’s sad that I am writing a negative review for Titanfall 1, but buying this game, you just get the main menu, the servers have not been working in it for two months, and the game itself has only online modes, even training without connecting to the server will not work.


Other buyers remind of the lack of single mode, noting that money can be wasted.

This review will be a reminder to me of how important it is to test games before you buy. And also how important Steam User Reviews are. You can safely bypass the project, since this is no longer a game – this is the inscription “No servers found” for 999 rubles. However, it’s a pity.


Despite people’s frustrations, Titanfall 1 is still on sale and receiving discounts, and is also available through an EA Play subscription.

Fans of the shooter believe that the server problems were caused by DDoS attacks that have been going on since 2019. According to the information, one hacker or a whole group is behind the attacks. In April 2021, Respawn promised to deal with the problem as soon as possible, but there has been no update on the situation since then.

Titanfall players report that it is still possible to connect to the game’s servers at times, however, they believe that this is not due to the Respawn fix, but due to the fact that the attacker or a group of hackers temporarily stopped their attacks. Users also note that it is for this reason that the first Titanfall can be played on Xbox without any problems – DDoS attacks only affect servers on PC.

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