Abandoned App will soon receive the Prologue update, fully playable

Abandoned App will soon receive the Prologue update, fully playable

After a somewhat longer break, Blue Box Game Studios is back today, which will soon have another update for the Abandoned Will deploy the app.

This then also delivers the promised prologue, which hopefully provides a little more clarity about what is behind Abandoned hides. The last updates were rather a big disappointment for most of them.

This time, however, Blue Box promises that the prologue is a complete game and not just another meaningless teaser or something similar. In any case, one hopes that the rumors will Abandoned come to an end.

You still don’t want to buy what Blue Box is supposed to be with Abandoned project. Rather, you see here a viral campaign for a potential new one Silent Hill-Game by Hideo Kojima, to which this type of marketing goes very well.

The effort behind Abandoned is also now so big that you don’t really trust an allegedly small indie developer. Most recently, they only asserted that they had taken over something and that the project was announced too early.

“Abandoned was announced too early. We also reached a bigger audience than we started with, so we had to polish the game up even more. Even now, the game is not ready for the public. We will publish all media in the Realtime Experience app and on the web, which applies to the gameplay reveal and cinematic trailer. “

Doubts still remain, certainly rightly, as all previous research is too Abandoned or Blue Box Game Studios make little sense, starting with a fake postal address, the support of a professional animation studio, up to this rather complex marketing.

In any case, it will be interesting to see what the prologue is about Abandoned will reveal. However, Blue Box has not yet given a date for its release.