A standalone version of STALKER Anomaly has been released

STALKER Anomaly 1.5.1 released

A group of enthusiasts creating the STALKER Anomaly modification for STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl published an important message in the official group on the VKontakte social network. The developers announced the release of version 1.5.1 of their project. It can be considered release, as now the mod has become completely independent. You don’t need the original game to run it.

The latest STALKER Anomaly update also fixed many bugs and technical flaws. It has improved individual lighting effects, animations, enemy models, and so on. Members of certain factions have received new clothes that will increase their recognition. In addition, the patch has updated the appearance of the PDA in the game.

STALKER Anomaly 1.5.1 released

Installation instructions for the standalone version of STALKER Anomaly can be found here. Now the modification is launched through a separate bootloader, but first you need to select the desired renderer and enable support for AVX instructions on powerful PCs.

Recall: STALKER Anomaly is a large-scale mod that can be played in three modes. The first one is for those who want to familiarize themselves with the plot of four chapters. The second is a standard sandbox with complete freedom of action. And the third is the war of factions, in which different groups participate in active battles.

You can download STALKER Anomaly  on the ModDB website .