A new video shows how to use Apple Watch with gestures alone

Apple Watch

Apple has worked hard to optimize and enhance the accessibility options on Apple Watch, thus making the product usable even by people with disabilities. But how do these gestures work? A new video from Apple shows us these features.

With Apple Watch SE. Apple Watch Series 6 and Series 7 the company has worked hard to bring a new simplified experience with watchOS 8 to help people with disabilities use their device more easily and functionally. Apple has decided to give great prominence to these features through a new video on its YouTube channel.

In the video we can see the protagonist use her device through specific movements with her wrist or fingers. A much easier way for those who, like the protagonist, would struggle a lot to use the device. Apple has often shown great attention to the accessibility issue, which has allowed it to be awarded by the FCC precisely for the accessibility features introduced on iOS 14.

We hope these features will soon make it easier for more people to use electronic devices.