A lip sync specific to the Japanese and English versions of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 on Nintendo Switch

After a special Nintendo Direct Xenoblade Chronicles 3 who had to finish convincing the most pessimistic to take an interest in the title, now SuperSavajin (a big fan of the saga), remarks on his twitter account that the Japanese and English versions of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will benefit from different lip synchronization depending on the language.

As a reminder: Lip synchronization corresponds to the movements of the mouth that the characters make when they speak. For example, by making the sound O, your mouth takes the shape of an O… But depending on the language, for the same dialogue the words used are different and the mouth movements are different too. A bad lip synchronization is perhaps even worse than a character who does not open his mouth when we hear him speak… A small detail, you will tell us, but we must admit that it makes the difference! And that it shows once again the particular care given to this expected title for July 29!

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will be released sooner than announced on Nintendo Switch! Originally scheduled for September 2022, the game’s release date has been brought forward to July 29, 2022. The newest installment in this great RPG series will transport players on an epic adventure with life as its central theme and set in the common future of the two previous games in the series. Players will embody two protagonists, Noah and Mio, from two warring nations: Keves and Agnus. In all, six characters from these two nations will join forces to discover the truth behind this conflict. To do this, they travel to the March of the Sword, a region whose ground is pierced by a gigantic sword.