a 2001 version leaked on the internet, a 37m video

Released on June 10, 2011 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, Duke Nukem Forever was a small disappointment at the time. Certainly, there were ingredients that made the success of the license, but technically and on the gameplay side, everything seemed already outdated. If the game seemed to rot at the bottom of the 2K Games catalog, the game has been talked about since a user on YouTube posted a video of more than 37 minutes which is none other than the prototype version of the game dated 2001. This therefore means that at the time, it was neither 2K Games nor Gearbox Software who were on the development of the game, but the 3D Realms studio, the original creators of the series. But the production experienced many setbacks, forcing the team to reboot development several times. More than 20 years later, this prototype version that will no longer make anyone fantasize, since at the time, the 3D graphics were still very geometric and blurred in its textures.

This leak at least had the merit of releasing some words, including that of Scott Miller, founder of 3D Realms, who took advantage of the situation to explain that there was outright sabotage internally, which prevented their game from to go out. The opportunity for George Broussard, his partner at the time, to swing his truth on Twitter by explaining that Scott Miller is a narcissistic incompetent and that he is the cause of the lawsuit between 3D Realms and Gearbox which made them lose the Duke license Nukem. Unexpected settling of scores which prove that bitterness is still in order and that the mess remains very present, even more than 20 years after the fact.