7-Zip 21.05 as the final version and 21.06 immediately afterwards

After more than two and a half years there is a new (final) version of 7zip. Version 21.05 has now been declared and made available as the final version. A few changes have been made here since version 19.00.

The integration of 7zip into the new Windows 11 context menu is not included. Igor Pavlov still has to work on it. It looks like the M2 team around Kenji Mouri has with them NanaZip already demonstrated.

The changes in 7zip 05/21

  • The “Add to archive” window now allows you to set a limit for the memory consumption (RAM) that should be used for the compression.
  • New switch -mmemuse = {N} g / -mmemuse = p {N} to limit memory usage (RAM) when compressing and decompressing.
  • Some bugs have been fixed.
  • You can make changes from 02/19 alpha to 04/21 beta read here

The additional changes in 7-zip 21.06

  • A bug in versions 21.00-21.05 has been fixed: 7-Zip did not set the attributes of directories when extracting archives.
  • Some bugs have been fixed.

Info and download:

Thanks to everything for the hint

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