7+ Taskbar Tweaker 5.13 with support for Windows 11 22H2*, Windows Server 2022 and more

There is a new final version 5.13 of the 7+ Taskbar Tweaker. As a highlight, this version also supports Windows Server 2022 (Build 20348). As well as Windows 11 22H2 (*with the old taskbar). For the Windows 11 users among you, “RaMMicHael” has added some information.

Other improvements:

  • The no_width_limit advanced option has been defused to improve compatibility with third-party tools.
  • Fixed a rare crash on initialization.

And here is the information about Windows 11:

The 7+ Taskbar Tweaker could already be used in connection with the ExplorerPatcher in October 2021. The 7+ Taskbar Tweaker alone doesn’t support Windows 11 and probably won’t. But some tweaks are considered on the page Windhawk mods offered. You can take a look around there.

Information and Download:

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