15 products of the week from AliExpress. Xiaomi smart collar and more

Despite the expected logistical problems, AliExpress copes well with the influx of Russian buyers: the exchange rate is lower, prices are better, and there are only more goods every day.

Therefore, today we have selected the best prices for the most interesting products that will definitely come in handy for everyone. Choose quickly and don’t forget to check out our Telegram channelwhere the hottest discounts have already been published.

A kind of fitness tracker for our smaller brothers: it allows you to track the phases of sleep and activity, track the distance traveled.

Bluetooth connection allows you to track the exact location at a short distance.

Price: 1153 923 rub.

2. Electrical rice cooker Balashov

A pressure cooker with its own heating element and 220V AC connection is suitable for cooking quick meals in the country.

Yes, you can use it at home too. An extended version is available to transform into a steamer.

Price: 1182 650 rub.

Combo for the kitchen: the device can work with vacuum bags, plastic sealed containers (hello, Zepter!) and is suitable for sealing metallized containers.

Packages and suitable containers can be purchased from the same retailer.

Price: 3990 2350 rub. with seller’s coupon

four. Case Xtent for Apple Watch

A simple yet effective metal case that transforms your favorite watch into a classic Casio watch. Or something else, if you can find a dial.

Price: 195 137 rub.

One of the modules includes a wireless transmitter, an ADC and an audio card, connecting to any USB-C with data transfer support.

The second one is hung on clothes for high-quality sound transmission (there is a turn for convenient positioning). For a mobile studio, the kit is indispensable.

Price: 2385 1908 rub.

A large piece of microfiber perfectly absorbs sweat or retains ordinary water, almost instantly releasing moisture to the external environment.

It turns out almost a mobile air conditioner with a convenient carrying case. Indispensable in summer.

Price: 348 243 rub.

Set for water games from an inflatable platform and a ball. There are polo gates and a volleyball net (in the next lot) to choose from.

This seller had good reviews last season, but the page was restarted.

Price: 1520 1216 rub.

A set of reusable capsules will replace store-bought ones: all you need is to fill the container with ground coffee with the help of a complete spoon.

Works no worse than the originals, the resource is enough for hundreds of cups.

Price: 195 146 rub.

The most famous set-top box with the original Google TV. It works in Russia – and much better than Chinese counterparts.

Supports 4K stream decoding with HDR10+ and Dolby audio track. Gotta get it while the price is right.

Price: 10443 5221 rub.

10. Wireless headphones Baseus

A freehand version of the Apple AirPods Max from a popular Chinese accessory manufacturer.

Excellent active noise cancellation, high autonomy, fast charging and minimal transmission delay are included.

Price: 5568 3898 rub.

A fumigator controlled from a smartphone will allow you to get rid of mosquitoes on an area of ​​​​up to 20 square meters. True, it will not do without records of its own format.

One lasts for up to 90 days, as well as a charge in the built-in battery. And the price is nice.

Price: 1162 1104 rub.

A solid car accessory with full stuffing: Wi-Fi broadcast to a smartphone, GPS module, own screen.

In addition, there is a parking mode and a quick turn on from the accelerometer. Brand verified.

Price: 7500 4390 rub.

One of the most compact gimbals for image stabilization while recording on a smartphone: it fits in a pocket and a lady’s purse.

It’s also worth every penny. Suitable for most smartphones, but full use is possible only with popular iPhone and Android models.

Price: 4640 2227 rub.

The desktop organizer will allow you not only to organize accessories and writing materials on your desktop, but also to organize charging.

The built-in hub contains a module for wireless replenishment of smartphone batteries, as well as 4 USB ports for charging other gadgets.

Price: 7078 3893 rub.

15. Shockproof case Coque for iPhone

A soft case with reinforced edges protects the device well from bumps and drops.

And the original design improves the “grip” of the device. Well, it is cheaper than analogues in local stores.

Price: 277 227 rub.

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