15 products of the week from AliExpress. Tetris for iPhone and armchair Xiaomi

A new sale is about to begin on AliExpress. In the meantime, prices have already dropped – you have to choose and buy.

We have collected the best offers from all sellers for the most original gadgets, accessories and home devices. Readers can only choose and order. Just remember that our Telegram channel publishes the best finds – and another portion has just gone there.

one. Case JasmineQ with Tetris for iPhone

According to retailer statistics, old-school consoles are breaking sales records. But why buy a separate device when you can buy a classic Tetris case?

Or an improved version with a color screen? It is inexpensive, it is charged from a smartphone, it is not necessary to remove it.

Price: 1352 946 rub.

A compact Chinese copy of the Apple Watch with an excellent set of features for tracking activities and good autonomy.

Yes, and it’s inexpensive. And it definitely works in full, without disconnecting from the servers.

Price: 8756 5674 rub.

One of the most affordable pen tablet options on the market from a trusted manufacturer with tons of positive reviews.

Despite its low cost, the gadget supports 2048 pressure levels and uses its own active stylus from the kit.

Price: 2693 1508 rub.

A simple yet powerful cradle for holding and charging Qi-enabled devices, including Apple smartphones.

When connected to the correct charger, delivers up to 15 watts for the iPhone. Actually, first of all, the charger is intended for them, equipped with MagSafe – other models will need a branded case.

Price: 1411 973 rub.

These sneakers look beautiful, but inside there is a metal arch support and an impact-resistant toe cup.

In fact – a stylish version of work shoes. These can be taken to construction sites and public transport.

Price: 2801 2017 rub.

The most affordable (from decent) analogue of the popular JBL speakers. It sounds a little worse, but compensates for this with support for connecting to a stereo pair.

Otherwise, it is almost original: it is not afraid of water, it works for a very long time, and it does not take away the ease of use.

Price: 2171 738 rub.

Convenient backpack for everyday use: there are separate compartments for a laptop, tablet, a place for a change of clothes and a thermos.

The design is thought out to the smallest detail – they did not forget about small pockets. Quality checked.

Price: 5114 2608 rub.

The inflatable version of the popular chair is equipped with a lot of supports: it keeps its shape perfectly, imitating a full-fledged chair.

However, if you wish, you can arrange differently – the shape is regulated by the amount of air inside. By the way, it is not afraid of water and dust, it washes well.

Price: 4894 4062 rub.

9. Lamp on Xiaomi monitor

Convenient table lamp for mounting on the monitor provides uniform illumination of the work area and the monitor.

It does not emit in the blue spectrum and does not flicker, so it can be used by children in the dark without fear for vision.

Price: 1400 1316 rub.

An original combo of a power supply, an external 10000 mAh battery and a pair of built-in cables for recharging external devices.

The plug is built in so nothing else is needed for use. It’s a pity that only smartphones have enough power.

Price: 3122 2029 rub.

An original small present for schoolchildren – there are options for girls and boys. And really helpful.

Price: 1834 1192 rub.

One of the most adequate headphones in the lower price range: Bluetooth 5.3 support, large speakers, 32 hours of autonomy with a case.

What else does? They sound pretty decent, the voice is transmitted better than many more popular models.

Price: 3151 1764 rub.

The most popular screwdriver with a huge range of accessories for every occasion. To work with gadgets – a must-have.

I’ve been using it for a few years now and it’s still like new. The built-in battery holds a charge perfectly, responds well to cold.

Price: 5778 2311 rub.

The most popular Chinese massager, which has long won the attention of buyers.

Presented in the most correct modification with delivery from Russia. And the price is very good right now.

Price: 1750 1050 rub.

The same lamp from social networks: it is synchronized with a smartphone, turning on at a specified time or at the same time as the sun, imitating the natural phases of lighting.

Naturally, all the usual features needed for an alarm clock and table lamp are also present. I recommend to everyone.

Price: 2110 1688 rub.

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