15 products of the week from AliExpress. Mi Band 6 for 2 thousand and more

The course on AliExpress beckons to buy only here: there have not been such favorable prices for a very long time. Yes, and many novelties in the world of gadgets can now only be found here.

We collected the most interesting finds in one article to share original gadgets, high-quality accessories and reliable life hacks. Come in and choose!

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1. Smart a bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 6

The sixth version of the most popular fitness accessory in the world is finally on sale at the right price. We must take.

The version with NFC does not make sense at the moment, so we take the usual one (you can use CN) and rejoice.

Price: 2704 2163 rub.

The original portable version of the hot glue gun with a huge set of colored sticks for creativity.

There is any color, and a very thin nozzle will help to create the texture. Powered by a built-in battery, so it is very convenient when decorating spaces and children’s creativity.

Price: 2206 1478 rub.

A set of tiny napkins in the form of tablets: as soon as they get wet, they immediately turn into a towel. Convenient and compact, especially useful in summer.

Price: 207 142 rub.

Advanced table lamp, indispensable for the workplace or computer desk. Provides soft color with minimal blue inclusion.

In addition, the device boasts no visible “strobe effect”. Runs on battery for up to 13 hours or any 5V USB charger.

Price: 4172 2545 rub.

A good and very affordable small-brand camcorder that can record to a USB flash drive, stream to a smartphone, or store files in a proprietary cloud.

There is a tracking mode and face recognition, a motion sensor and a sensor rotation of almost 360 degrees. The provider is reliable so the app won’t shut down tomorrow.

Price: 3504 1752 rub.

One of the most popular jump starters on AliExpress. Reliably starts even small trucks (if you use the standard terminals of the device).

Easy to use, suitable for charging gadgets. Now it costs almost twice as much as in winter.

Price: 3965 2299 rub.

A large range of funny cases for the most popular headphones. They look stylish and catchy, the quality is excellent.

Price: 401 281 rub.

Great unisex urban sneakers from one of Xiaomi’s YouPin partners.

Well made, they wear very well. Suitable for warm summer evenings at temperatures of 18-25 Celsius.

Price: 2532 2025 rub.

A simplified version of the Workpro work knife, available in a set of 3 pieces. Compact, reliable, uses the same blades.

Differs in degraded ergonomics in heavy work, but at the same time it has smaller dimensions.

Price: 2162 973 rub.

The famous fully wireless headphones with a heart rate monitor and magnetic temples. Perhaps it is difficult to find something more original for sports.

I have been using it for 2 years without a break, the flight is excellent. You can take.

Price: 7141 2928 rub.

An affordable atomizer, which is not a pity to put in a tool kit for occasional use, will suddenly come in handy.

The design is not ideal, he does not like cheap and thick paint. But it works out its price many times.

Price: 3605 1947 rub.

An accessory like a fisheye that increases the field of view of the rear window.

To use it, you will have to adapt – it decently distorts familiar distances, you need a habit.

Price: 433 303 rub.

The original version of the vacuum bags. Without a vacuum (if you don’t adapt, of course), but with the possibility of using it in a freezer or boiling water.

It is made of hypoallergenic silicone, so it is suitable for food products, including for their preparation.

Price: 634 399 rub.

14. Wireless speaker Xiaomi

An excellent Bluetooth speaker with reliable dust and moisture protection, stereo pair mode and good autonomy.

The sound is at a level similar in size to JBL and Sony, so you can take it.

Price: 3318 2687 rub.

15. Multifunctional flashlight Pocketman

A handy transforming flashlight with a swivel mechanism, a magnetic “leg” and a convenient clip for wearing on clothes.

Can be fitted with a head strap. Charged from USB, suitable for spot (far) and diffuse illumination.

Price: 1325 662 rub.

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