10 practical and trendy Aliexpress gadgets for your home and beyond

We constantly monitor current products on the popular Aliexpress platform. We have collected 10 of the most practical and relevant gadgets from Aliexpress for you in your home.

Fingerprint scanner for laptop from 1190 rubles.


USB fingerprint reader for Windows 7, 8, 10, 11. Provides instant access to Windows computers. With it, tasks such as logging in or unlocking can be completed with the tap of a finger without having to remember usernames and passwords.

From the reviews: connected, Win11 installed the driver itself. In order for the sensor to work in Windows, I restarted the computer. Set up 4 fingers at different angles. Works as fast as on a smartphone. I’ll order a couple more.

Night light moon with different types of illumination from 894 rubles.


Add warmth and comfort to your home. Unusual lamp in the shape of the moon will surprise guests and add entourage to your room. The set comes with a wooden stand and a remote control that changes the type of backlight.

From the reviews: the lamp is good, changes colors, you can mix. The child is happy.

Baseus fan from 1100 rubles.


This fan can be conveniently placed on a table on a hot summer day. In addition, it has a car seat mount. Is there no air conditioning in the car? Buying this gadget will solve this problem.

From the reviews: perfect, functional and silent.


Forget what a garlic press is. Just put a couple of peeled garlic cloves in this appliance and swirl. After a couple of seconds, you will get finely chopped crumbs. And everything that is not used can be put in the refrigerator directly in the grinder. The device is compact and easy to clean under running water.

From the reviews: You know, I have no words for how convenient it is.


Delight your guests and loved ones with something delicious. For example, ice cream. Just pour the finished mass into these molds and send it to the freezer. A set of nine silicone molds has reusable sticks and a convenient stand.

From the reviews: received quickly, decided to test, corresponds to the description.


Curtains with funny patterns will cheer you up in the morning and protect your bathroom floor from splashes. Rings are included. Be sure to correctly indicate the size and pattern you need.

From the reviews: the curtain is super, beautiful and practical!! Take it, you won’t regret it!!!)))

Wall poster from 49 rubles.


The original bright print will appeal to fans of creative interiors. Well, or employees of medical institutions. Be sure to include the size of the poster. The frame is not included.

From the reviews: beautiful artwork, bright colors, large canvas, easy to read and accurate size of the image, corresponds to the description.

Men’s wallet for banknotes and cards with a clip from 208 rubles.


Comfortable wallet made of thick material. There are several departments for plastic cards. Banknotes can be folded into a compartment or secured with a clip. Practical and durable. This is my second year of living with it. There is no magnet.

From the reviews: good money holder for its price range. I take this not the first time.


An indispensable thing for fans of mobile games. This Bluetooth gamepad makes it easy to play PUBG and Call of Duty or come first in races.

From the reviews: the track number was tracked to the mail itself. Synchronized with iOS13 and Android without problems. The sticks and crosspiece are stiffer than the original. Supports most games. Satisfied with the product, I recommend to buy.

Cool anti-stress keychain from 54 rubles.


Keychain in the form of peas, peanuts or caterpillars. There are several fun variations and colors. Hang it on your keys or just throw it in your pocket so that you have something to have fun while waiting for transport.

Do not forget to check the availability of coupons and promotional codes from sellers. Thus, the price tag can be further reduced.