10 Fortnite Skins that must come

Fortnite is almost a free game. You can go and play a battle Royale for free and anyone can play it. However there are some trully awesome skins in fortnite that much more great than these 10 Awesome Fortnite skins that are listed below. But there are some skins that Fortnite fans are constantly willing to come. Most of them are rumoured and most of them are illogical or impossible to happen.

But who can stop us from dreaming .So here are some 10 Awesome Fortnite skins that must happen. Checkout some recent skins here

10 Awesome Fortnite skins

1.Jedi10 awesome fortnite skins

This is what most of the Fortnite and Star War fans are waiting for. Star wars always make anything cool.

Whether it might be a game, accessories, almost anything. Imagine in Fortnite, changing a hammer into a lightsaber. wohhh!!how cool is it.


Image result for avengers fortnite

After a huge famed Thanos game. All avengers fans are willing to get a superheros Battle royale in Fortnite. Ever since infinity war everyone is banging to get avengers skin and go around like Captain America or Iron man.

Personally I want a Thanos skin, who would not like to?!!!.This skin might cost a huge to Fortnite guys, But yeah this skins would be worth.


Related image

I will buy it as soon as it comes.Me and many other Fortnite folks would do.

Deadpool being recently popular as it got a new movie coming soon.This skin must be happening and must come soon.

Its Goofy personality insanely matches with the zani atmosphere in the Fortnite.

And if anyone makes a cheat code while playing as Deadpool ,it wouldn’t be mad if he is the last man standing


pennywise skin in fortnite

This is somehow most generic skin that must be implemented in Fortnite .

I don’t know how it is possible but still if I’m wrong let me know .

I been searching for this skin on internet but I failed. It’s actually some fans Gossips and all. Fortnite must come up with a Clown skin in which a balloon hits and squeezes a head . Wouldn’t that be funny?!.


Image result for joker fortnite skin

So in a game where we go around Killing people ,including a Physopathic Homicidal Manic would a bit of much more phone. Just imagine Joker character in Fortnite and how amazing it would look like Joker dancing after killing another dude. And more a laughter effect to it would be insane.

Lets move to the 2nd part of this List of 10 awesome fortnite skins ……

6.Harley Quinn

Image result for harley quinn fortnite

The one who can match a joker skin that would be none other than her.A sexy body ok ok..super sexy body carrying around a Big Hammer who would think it is not suitable for Fortnite.Just do it ..bring it

7.Harry Potter

Related image

This is most demanding from many other Potterhead Fortnite fans.So what’s wrong in that.this is one of the must happening skins honestly.Harry Potter gathering things from his wand ,Also hermoine and Ron must be .It would be a great idea.

Harry Potter must come with a mode where a ball is being dropped in the stadium and lots of players playing and flying around with broom to catch the ball .It would be great concept for online Playing, Totally wicked!!!


Image result for batman fortnite

Imagine the most expensive skin in fortnite.that would be Batman. A rich guy in Fortnite developing his strength through Engineering and mind… wouldn’t that be awesome . having a batcave in Fortnite . adding Robin wouldn’t be wrong .however there are not more demanding for this skin.Its my personal suggestion to implement this skin

9.Spongebob SquarePants

awesome skins in fortnite

You are a sweet and innocent sponge and some players ignore you and then you drop your secret Burger Shooting maching hidden behind the smile. Woohhh!!!!It would be some kind of socrecy .

I believe Spongebob skin must be in large skin. As compared to other skins. A battle Royale in the bikinibottom would be so much fun.

10.Ninja Turtles

awesome fortnite skins

This might be the most deadliest skin .however developing it would be worth it.

Building a Ninja Turtles combat team moving around Killing around like a deadly weapons.Along with it ,several swords would be much more interesting.Spooky ninjas in the battle Killing unknowningly would be a great idea.

This the complete List of 10 awesome fortnite skins that we think must come into existance.

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